“Same Tree”

A Living Practice of Loving Leadership.

A US company rooted in Yoga that creates personal & professional healing and growth.

We guide companies, executives, and influencers, as they root more deeply into wellness, social movements and love.

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PEACE is a decentralized system of people & spaces that root companies & individuals to a mission, understanding, and dedication to Love. An evolving guarantor of a more peaceful world - abroad, workplace & home. We act as a level of accountability for businesses and individuals to support diversity and economic equity through mindful & whole hearted aspects of social, business, and individual healing & reform.

Members of PEACE host & cultivate community & increase the collective wellness of individuals, families and business.

The original creators of the *GClass Series which encourages wellness spaces to adopt an economic model of generosity and giving rather than set pricing structure.

Our foundation & nonprofit partners serve as

guarantors of collaborative business, space creation,

economic wellness & humble philanthropy of all members.