(Photo: Archives of Nelson Stevens)

The world is looking for ways to connect, heal & find peace.

There is a economic divide and miscommunication of history and information about the foundational truths of our US systems.

Due to this divide, access to healing through Yoga, wellness, art based programming is often limited.

In light of what we have been learning through the experience of the most recent pandemic, there has been a surge in the need for authentic communication, preventative action, and self care.

Conversation about sustainable wellness programming is fluid and growing across both urban & rural communities.

Yoga, meaning unity and collaboration being the authentic weaving of ideas & cross culture connections is a pair primed to create social education, uplift and change.

Eadem Arbor and our partnership with PEACE is an experience that cultivates a healthy awareness of self and each other.

We lead people to places, programs & product rooted in a network of PEACE, created by Love.

Our Yoga events, community building strategy, & PEACE membership model promotes sustainable 7 generation focused wellness for individuals, families, friends, & employees creating standards for positive ways of living and working.

We are advocates for a multicultural economy rooted in Ahimsa -Yoganomics.

Our collaborators are from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and generations who are invested, trained, and are in practice of Yoga - acknowledging the need for social equity to reestablish equality & the healing of trauma.