BECOME A NONPROFIT | FOUNDATION MEMBER What Foundations | Nonprofits Give: Commitment to provide: fiscal sponsorship for early stage entrepreneurs within the PEACE network. If services are offered, a discount or reward to PEACE Partner Businesses & Nonprofits Space on website to feature fiscal sponsored entrepreneurs What Foundations | Nonprofits Receive Discounts and rewards from and in support of other businesses | nonprofits within the network. Individual PEACE memberships for you & all of your employees. XSample Set of CoBranded PEACE Membership Cards for nonprofits to gift or sell to customers & funders *Extra Line of revenue for selling individual PEACE memberships to customers. Increase in revenue through PEACE business membership donations & fiscal sponsorship percentage pay from entrepreneur to nonprofit Featured space on PEACE’s website/app that is linked to your website & social media platforms. Increase in multicultural and wellness opportunities for you and your employees. Deepening of network, partnerships, and relationships on local and global scale. Increase in overall well being of the business. Personal happiness, gratitude & joy. Send us your application (* nonprofit bulk rates available upon request)
INVEST Start a conversation with EA, OR selected business within the PEACE network. Note: How you heard about PEACE. Investment opportunity available for startup fees + land & property investment, build out & design. What Investors Give SWEAT Equity exchange is defined by Service Wellness Expertise Access Teamwork What Investors Receive Access to Space | Land, Community & Services Emotional Awakening Feature on PEACE & partner websites Eternal Gratitude
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