*Xpercentage membership rates available on request If You choose, you can purchase & resell cobranded PEACE membership cards to your customers. Cards are purchased from participating nonprofits & cobranded between. PEACE | Your Business ________________________________ All card purchases are tax exempt. Cards are not connected to personal info & data tracking aside from the number of cards given or sold to the business. No customer data is involved.
For Businesses
BECOME A BUSINESS MEMBER Business hires Eadem Arbor or another PEACE member business for services, programing or an event. Or Option to donate an *Xpercentage of yearly business profit to selected PEACE partner foundations or nonprofits with have adopted PEACE’s programming ________________________________________________ WHAT BUSINESSES GIVE A B2B sustainable discount or reward offered to other PEACE business members. A small sustainable discount or reward for individuals card holders. Honoring of the reward with every customer purchase. (Rewards can be changed up to 4 times per year. Suggestion to set rewards within your company’s profit margins) WHAT BUSINESSES RECEIVE Discounts and rewards from and in support of other businesses within the network. Individual PEACE memberships for you & all of your employees. Sample Set of CoBranded PEACE Membership Cards for businesses to gift or sell to customers. *Extra Line of revenue for selling individual PEACE memberships to customers. Featured space on PEACE’s website/app that is linked to your website & social media platforms. Increase in multicultural and wellness opportunities for you and your employees. Deepening of network, partnerships, and relationships on local and global scale. Increase in overall well being of the business. Personal happiness, gratitude & joy.